Which Product Do I Need?

With 3 products to choose from (Premise, Prover and Quickmap), it can be confusing to know which one you need. While there are in-depth articles comparing Premise with Prover and Quickmap, this article aims to simplify that in a few sentences.

Premise, Prover and Quickmap all share the same data, but if you just need access to view the data, Premise is the way to go.

If you need to be able to search for sales data, Prover is the way to go. While Premise contains sales data that can be accessed from looking at the details of a property, Prover will also enable you to search for properties based on whether they have sold or not.

If you would like to produce a nice report, Prover is the product to do this. Prover allows you to add a selection of properties to a report which can be customized to your own unique designs with our template editor. Our template editor contains powerful automation tools, allowing you to add elements of automation to ensure that your staff can quickly create reports with a contiguous brand experience. This report then can then be exported from Prover, ready to be delivered straight to your customer.

Finally, if you want to perform GIS functions or work with your own datasets, Quickmap is the product for you. Quickmap is by far the most comprehensive product of the three, enabling you to work with the data in a way that you can’t with any of our other products.

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