Premise is an online map-centric cadastral information system.  It has been built from the ground-up under
consultation with industry professionals and offers features and data that no other tools in NZ provide.

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Uploading Your Data To The Cloud

Did you know that you can upload your own data into Premise and even share layers that you create with other people in your company? Not only can you draw features using the Pencil icon on the map, which you can add to any layer you specify, but you can also import data into your …

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Which Product Do I Need?

With 3 products to choose from (Premise, Prover and Quickmap), it can be confusing to know which one you need. While there are in-depth articles comparing Premise with Prover and Quickmap, this article aims to simplify that in a few sentences. Premise, Prover and Quickmap all share the same data, but if you just need access to …

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Extra Data Available In Premise

It’s been a busy month for the team here with a lot of improvements made as Premise was promoted from beta to GA (General Availability). All the data we provide to the Quickmap application is now available online via Premise. This includes Council District Valuation Roll (DVR) and Sales history, Aerials and Survey Plans. Council DVR …

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