Free Survey Plans

Premise gives you access to more free survey plans than anyone else in NZ.

This includes more pre 300,000 and more post 300,000 series plans than any other system, and the list is growing with every survey plan that is ordered by anyone using one of CSL’s products including Quickmap and Prover.

A Change In Perspective

Premise gives you a view of the data from the LINZ parcel perspective or the council property perspective.

Superior Data

Premise includes a variety of council data, including but not limited to zoning information and building details (such as floor area, age, roof/wall construction, etc.).

Infrastructure Data

Premise also contains infrastructure data such as water, stormwater & wastewater information

Title Information

Not only does Premise provide title data, but this data can be viewed in a number of ways. For example, you can see what titles are associated with a parcel or see what properties are associated with a title (which may contain multiple parcels).
You can also order titles, instruments and survey plans easily with the click of a button.

Sales History

Premise also comes bundled with council sales data, which is updated weekly.

Survey Mark & Vector Data

Premise contains survey marks and vector data that can be filtered to show just what you’re interested in seeing. You can also click on marks and vector to see details and view survey plans pertaining to those