The Difference Between Premise And Prover

The difference between Prover and Premise is subtle, but significant. They are both online map information systems made by Custom Software Limited (the creators of Quickmap). Both contain Quickmap data (our special blend of LINZ and council data) and both have search and map capability. However the significant difference between Premise and Prover is in the way the information is presented.

While Premise has a text search facility for searching, Premise is a map-centric product that is designed to be used to quickly find and extract data based on the parcel or property. Conversely, Prover is a reporting tool designed to create beautifully formatted, customisable reports.

Premise also has infrastructure data such as water, stormwater & wastewater information that is not contained within Prover. Premise also has the option to export data in DXF format for loading into other programs, such as CAD software. Finally, Premise (as mentioned earlier) is map centric, with a full page map for easy viewing, searching and user interaction.

To fully appreciate the differences between Premise and Prover, we urge you to contact us to get a free trial of each software so you can see what works best for you.

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