The Difference Between Premise And Quickmap

There are many differences between Quickmap and Premise, perhaps the biggest difference is that Premise is an online website that you can access from a browser on any internet enabled device, while Quickmap is a Windows program. This means that Premise requires no installation nor maintenance of data (we manage it all for you with weekly updates, which doesn’t interrupt your usage of the software).

Here’s a table showing some of the differences in features of Premise and Quickmap:

Quickmap Premise
No internet connection required Internet connection required
Installed on your PC No installation required
Works on a PC or laptop running Windows Works on any internet enabled device with a web browser
Requires space to store data No space required on your device
You manage your own updates

  • You are responsible for installing data updates that we send you (though this can be automated with the Quickmap Data Download Manager program)
  • Depending on the package you chose, new data is available monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually
We manage your data for you

  • Premise data is automatically updated weekly for property data, while sales data is updated daily.
Provides cadastral, title (LINZ), and council data. Survey plans, survey marks, council sales data, and aerial photography are available as add-ins. Additional data is available for download, see here for further information Premise provides cadastral, title (LINZ), aerial photography, survey plans, survey marks,  vector and council data including council sales data
GPS data can be imported from supported GPS devices Using Premise from a device with a GPS, enables you to locate your position on the map within Premise, at any time.
You can add your own data into Quickmap: create a new database containing a record of your jobs and related documents, or import data from an existing database. Import or export a wide range of data formats, such as SHP, DGN, MIF, TAB, DXF, WKT, ECW, JPG, PNG, Google Earth, etc. Exporting to DXF or SHP.
Powerful GIS reporting available. No reporting.
Search by address, appellation, owner, title, valuation reference, survey plan, place name, land use, schools, electoral boundaries, councils, legal description, etc. Search by address, appellation, owner, title, valuation reference or survey plan.
Integrates with other products No integration.
Advanced measuring tools Basic measuring tools.
Powerful map editor: choose the layers / data that is visible on your map Turn layers on or off and apply filters.
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